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DVR & AVM -- NCD168


4 CH Video Input
Rear View Monitoring
Monitoring While Driving

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) & AVM (Around View Monitor)  include 4 cameras installed, two in mirrors, and two wide-angle cameras in front and rear side of the vehicle. By capturing and monitoring four sides of the vehicle panoramically, it creates top view, panorama view and rear view which can assist driver to have more confident while driving and parking.

  • Operating Voltage: 10V~30V DC

  • Operating Temperature: - 20°C~+60°C

  • Dark Current: 120 mA

  • Operating Current: 3A

  • Storage Temperature: -40°C~+80°C

  • Humidity: 80%

  • Support 720P video recording
  • IP54

  • ISO 7637 Pluse 5

  • CE

  • FCC